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Our Specialisations

With over 30 years offering the very finest chiropody/podiatry services to clients all around Cork we’ve developed unparalleled expertise in various foot ailments.
For clients suffering from diabetes, we’re able to ensure the condition – in how it affects feet – is properly contained and monitored.
The Chiropody Surgery specialises in creating custom treatment plans that help prevent issues from arising. Along with Diabetes, patients who suffer from arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis need to be extra vigilant in regards to foot health. The Chiropody Surgery specialises in treating the issues with feet that arise from these conditions.

Do you suffer from diabetes, arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis? Then get in contact with The Chiropody Surgery to see how we can help.


Those who suffer from diabetes can begin to lose feeling in their legs. This lack of feeling leads to an eventual loss of healing and from here serious issues can arise. Issues like pain and even amputation.
We specialise in providing diabetic foot scans and creating custom chiropody treatment plans for those who suffer from diabetes.


The foot contains 33 joints, joints that can become inflamed and painful due to arthritis. We create a custom treatment plan for patients who suffer from arthritis. This plan can contain information about preferred footwear, the removal of hard skin and nail treatments. We make suggestions based on the progress of the patient’s condition and the lifestyle of the customer.

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