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About chiropody/podiatry

A person's mobility and independence is intrinsically linked to their feet and their foot health. Unfortunately, feet are often neglected. This neglect can lead to ailments and problems developing over time and progressively growing in severity if left untreated.
Chiropody is the treatment and care of feet and feet ailments. It also encompasses the preventive measures that can be employed to stop feet ailments developing.

Are you suffering from a painful foot ailment? Then get in contact with The Chiropody Surgery today.

Dedicated Chiropodist / Podiatrist

A dedicated chiropodist is a highly trained and qualified individual who specialises in ailments and conditions related to the feet. Many conditions – like arthritis and diabetes – can have a negative impact on foot health and may require the kind of specialised treatment only a dedicated chiropodist can offer.
A chiropodist / Podiatrist can diagnose common foot ailments and problems quickly, ensuring that any necessary treatment begins immediately. This helps to limit the possibility of an ailment developing further.
Quality chiropody services – like those offered by The Chiropody Surgery – ensure that penetrative measures can be taken to stop ailments or issues developing or getting worse.
The Chiropody Surgery’s reputation for quick diagnosis means we’re usually able to begin your treatment immediately.

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