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Nail Care

Nail care is one of the main procedures carried out on every patient, all nail deformities are treated from ingrowing nails, involuted nails, fungal nail infection, thickened and troublesome nails.
We can tell a lot from looking at your nails. The condition of your nails can give us an indication of many conditions, including psoriasis and vitamin deficiencies.

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Ingrown Toenails / Involuted Nails

This is one of the most common conditions and one of the main reasons people call our surgery. This is where the nails dig into the soft tissue. It can often actually grow into the flesh. This can be extremely painful. Thankfully, we know how to deal with this safely and as pain free as possible. It is mainly the big toe that can be affected by this, however, it can happen to any nail.

Fungal Nail Infection

Often there is no pain associated with a fungal nail infection. You can notice a change in the colour and quality of the nail. Even for those who do not feel pain, it can be unsightly, especially in summer where you may want to wear flip flops or open toe shoes. You should always get a fungal nail treated as soon as possible, as it can spread. As it worsens, it can also make walking much harder.

Thickened Nails

Thickened nails are very common, especially with older people. Our nails do thicken as we age, however it can be more severe in some people and require a treatment. When it happens with younger people, it us usually due to an injury or infection in the foot. Some things that can cause accelerated nail thickening are, pressure on the nails, due to poor footwear etc., trauma, fungal infections and age. If you notice your nails thickening or darkening in colour, call us today. We can carry out a full and complete examination of your foot and nails.

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