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Chiropody Services, Orthotics

The Chiropody Surgery provides a range of  Podiatry services to treat and prevent common foot ailments. We’re also available to advise customers on how best to promote good foot health.

☑ Corns
☑ Verrucae
☑ Ingrown Toenails / Involuted Nails

☑ Heel Pain
☑ Athletes Foot
☑ Fungal Nail Infection

☑ Hard Skin (Callus)
☑ Dry Skin

These common foot conditions can be quickly identified and diagnosed at The Chiropody Surgery. We’re then able to create a completely bespoke treatment plan based on the needs and lifestyle of the patient. Our holistic approach to foot health means we look at the person and not just the ailment. This treatment method offers practical, real-world advise and treatment guidelines to clients.
Our service is completely confidential and we strive to create an open, therapeutic environment in our Cork based chiropody clinic.

Are you looking to quickly and effectively treat your foot pain? Then get in contact with The Chiropody Surgery today.

Verruca pedis

Verruca pedis is a viral infection with the appearance of a vascular wart-like lesion. A verruca is in a growth stage when the vascularity is above the dermis of the skin. This is often a painful and depilating condition. We offer three different treatments, varying from cryogenic topical applications to acid treatments and some less invasive substances for the younger patient.


Corns are basically areas on the foot where the skin has hardened. This is typically around a place where a bone is prominent or protrudes. The hardened skin forms as a natural way of protecting the foot form excessive rubbing or friction. You can get soft corns between the toes and even on the sole of the foot. While generally harmless, they can be uncomfortable. Like all conditions, we do advise that you see us as soon as any foot problems arise.


This is another word for callus – which is similar to a corn in terms of it being hardened skin, formed by constant friction. They are larger than a corn and generally do not cause any discomfort. Should a callus ever cause pain you should call us to arrange an appointment.

Gait Analysis

Almost everybody can benefit from some sort of support our correction. A gait analysis examines how you walk/run, where you put the weight on your foot and how the pressure is distributed over the body.


Lymphedema is caused by fluid retention and swelling of the feet. You may feel a swelling or pressure in the foot or leg, causing pain. There can, however, be many other symptoms. If you feel anything out of the ordinary, we do suggest that you speak with us.


This is the area that deals with helping to align the feet. If we find something during a gait analysis that requires correction, we can recommend various types of treatments, including insoles. Many people have conditions that can be helped with orthotics, such as shin splints.

Is a foot problem causing you discomfort or pain? Then get in contact with The Chiropody Surgery today.

Treatment Plans

The Chiropody Surgery’s unique chiropody ethos means we create completely bespoke treatment plans for customers. In the privacy of our clinic, we have an in-depth consultation with the client to find out all we can about the history of the ailment and we try and diagnose any behaviour that may be exacerbating the problem. After the consultation, we draw up a dedicated treatment plan that is developed around the needs of the patient.

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